Frequently Asked Questions

SOWTEX is online B2B platform that connects buyers and suppliers in textile industry.

Small and medium sized organisations in the textile industry can collaborate on the platform and generate business.

You need to send a mail on info@sowtex.com and backend team will delete the account for you.

Sowtex is providing the free services but you can avail the benefits of the product from membership plans available on the website.

Sowtex is a service provider.

If you have forgotten your password, click on forget password tab on the homepage of Sowtex and continue with the process through the mail received.

You'll be notified of all the offers via e-mails sent to your registered email id or your SOWTEX account.

Online dashboard of your account represent all the activities done on SOWTEX portal.

You can register yourself on sowtex for free and also avail the more exciting benefits from membership plans.

Filling up all the fields will help you easily complete the registration.

Membership plans can be viewed on the first page of registration and it is free for the first thirty days.

Limitations of the categories depend on the plans you choose.

Free members are allowed to opt one category.

As a seller you can choose category according to the membership plan you opted and as a buyer you post your requirement for any product category.

Yes, you need to register first before sending the enquiries.

Business opportunities connecting to potential buyers and suppliers in the textile sourcing industry.

Sowtex provides more beneficial features in membership plans.

Individual membership is for a single user and corporate membership is for more than one users

Free membership avails to get limited access on the portal whereas trial membership will let you enjoy almost all the benefits as a paid member.

Monthly and Annual plan provides almost same benefits but if you choose annual plan you’ll be charged for 10 months.

Membership plans can be switched on and off after the expiry of existing membership plan.

Membership plans can be upgraded as per user’s preference after the expiry of current plan.

To utilize our industry focused business platform and generate more business for your company.

Option of posting enquiries is open to free members also.

A free member is allowed to send and receive unlimited enquiries.

You can easily generate daily, weekly & monthly reports from your dashboard from reports section.

Leads on SOWTEX portal will help suppliers to find your buying requirements.

You can attract the buyers by updating your latest collection/designs on the portal. It is accessible to unlimited buyers across the globe.

SOWTEX team is always there to help and search the right suppliers for you.

Your enquiry will be send to other suppliers

Enquiries can be shared by filling the enquiry form on Sowtex dashboard.

• Yes, you can edit, view and repost enquiries.

It happens on real time basis.

Yes can post your buying enquiries.

You can easily generate daily, weekly & monthly reports from your dashboard from reports section.

Fraudulent suppliers will not be listed on our website and if anyone is noticed doing same , it will be de-listed.

The platform works on a real-time basis.

Product searching on sowtex is quite easy. You will be able to narrow your search as per your desire by selecting category, sub-category, size of the product, product content etc.

Sowtex will help you to connect with other buyers/suppliers from same category.

Quality, Delivery and prices will be finalised as per the mutual understanding in between buyer and supplier only. Sowtex will not take any responsibily of the same.

Every enquiry should be answered with 24 Hrs after you receive it.

E-catalogue services are designed to attract the customers immediately.

Suppliers will be able to share his collections to prospect buyers on demand and also have an option where they can share his unique colletions to the targeted buyer.

Registered user have an access to e-catalogs.

You can share catalogue from your sowtex dashboard through your Mobile through email, whatsap, facebook, hangout, twitter, and google + .

You can manage(View, Share, Edit & Delete) your catalogue from your dashboard.

CRM allows businesse to develop long-term relationships with established and new customers while helping streamline corporate performance.

Initially, CRM works by collecting leads or consumer information, analyzing the collected information to understand customer or market requirements and adjusting marketing campaigns accordingly to increase sales. CRM also serves customer service and support divisions--making businesses efficient and improving customer satisfaction.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system which aims at improving the relationship with existing customers, finding new prospective customers, and winning back former customers. This system can be brought into effect with software which helps in collecting, organising, and managing the customer information.

Report section on the dashboard will help to import the data to Sowtex.

An automated report mail will be generated on daily/weekly/monthly basis on your mail.

It is absolutely safe until you share Sowtex credential with any one.

You can have easy access to your CRM by downloading the sowtex app on your mobile phones.

E-learning modules and Tutorials will help you know the functionality of your CRM.

Product searching on sowtex is quite easy. You will be able to narrow your search as per your desire by selecting category, sub-category, size of the product, product content etc.

You can upload the product easily from your Sowtex CRM dashboard.

You will be able to edit, delete and view your products from Sowtex CRM dashboard.

After completing the registration you will be able to access Sowtex CRM.

Your account will be activated on real-time basis.

Priority listing/side banners on sowtex portal are the medium for advertisements.

Sowtex website will display your products on the top on portal.

Sowtex has a special feature for its members in which you can store your unique collection and sowtex will provide the facility to share it privately with your buyers.

Sowtex keeps your private gallery secured and it is visible to only the buyers with whom you share your passwor

Sending enquiries on the sowtex portal will help you source the product.

E- catalogue facility will help you to share the samples.

Sowtex displays quality certification information of its members.

An enquiry can be generated through the dashboard of sowtex portal.

Sowtex provides facility to showcase your collection of more than 30 products on a single platform to the entire textile sourcing industry where you can have access to e-catalogues.

Catalogues can be shared using E- catalogue facility on sowtex portal instantly from anywhere.

Sowtex is providing CRM Interface through which you can keep track of your Leads, Enquiries, Product listing, & Team tracking.

Buyer will be able to view your products on sowtex platform.

We promote buyers & suppliers through our marketing solutions.

Sowtex provides two different membership plans – Gold and Silver.

You can take advantage of our promotional services by paying a nominal charge monthly or yearly.

Sowtex does not show the price of the products , it will be done between buyers and suppliers only.